Pegaga is found in ‘ulam’

Did you know? If you’ve been eating ulam, you’ve probably been eating pegaga.

If you do not know what an ulam is, it’s a traditional salad composed mostly of raw (or soaked in hot water) vegetables and herbs. Examples: mint, Thai basil, daun kesom, etc.

They’re found in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

Pegaga is a superfood known for it being rich in amino and fatty acids, beta carotene and phytonutrients, all great at alleviating inflammation.

Best of all, you can have it daily.

If you’d like them in an easy-to-drink form or don’t have access to fresh pegaga or vegetables daily in your diet, our Daily Greens is made of 8 vegetables/greens, including pegaga.

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