How to enjoy Chinese New Year 2022 responsibly

It’s hard to enjoy responsibly in general, let alone during this festive season. Here’s some quick tips:

  1. Avoid sugars and simple carbs
    Sugary drinks, alcohol, white rice and various cookies/snacks. You probably can’t avoid them completely, but do cut down on these. Festive season or not, our bodies are not made to metabolise the amount simple sugars we consume in modern, abundant times. Hence our country’s high rate of obesity that leads to various life-long diseases.
  2. Stop before you’re full
    Feeling full? You’ve probably gone too far already. Enjoy with moderation!
  3. Keep your sleeping hours consistent
    Staying out later than usual may be unavoidable, but it may also mess up with your circadian rhythm which could make you have unusual cravings.
  4. Sweat
    If you’re used to working out regularly, don’t let the festivities stop you entirely. Do a shorter exercise if you have to, just so your body isn’t shocked into pure complacency.
  5. Everything is getting too much? Including ‘inquisitive’ relatives
    Take a few deep breaths.

How else do you enjoy responsibly? Add to the comments below!

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