#stayhome Productivity Tips

  1. Change out of your pyjamas – trust us, it helps.
  2. Reduce phone scrolling time for that incessant CoVid news. Better yet, go on airplane mode for 15-30 minutes length of time.
  3. Make sure your next meal is taken care of. Did we mention Liquid Meals?
  4. Stock up on vitamins and minerals for maximum brain boosting function and focus. Think Daily Greens and Focus Fuel.
  5. Avoid sweet foods for that midday slump. Think Liquid Meals rather than a heavy lunch.
  6. Remember to breathe for extra brain oxygen. Go for a walk and/or some sun.

How we keep our prices low

One of the perks of living in Malaysia is cheap and accessible food. With Focus Foods starting out from its capital, Kuala Lumpur, the only way for us to penetrate into the minds of the people and make the greatest impact in people’s diets is to keep our prices really low, really affordable.

How do we do that? Not by cutting corners. We put alot of thought into sourcing the best ingredients – and good things don’t come cheap.

That’s why, at least for now, you’ll not see resellers. Our website is the only place one can purchase from. By cutting out the middleman, low prices means we get to make the cost of everybody staying mentally sharp and physically fit as low as possible.